How it Works


Over the past few years, coupon cutting has moved away from a stereo type of only being a penny pinchers past time, and has taken on a strong following of individuals looking to change the way we shop entirely. For some, coupons have become more than a source of savings and become a source of additional household earnings.

In recent years, several coupon cutting websites, eBay stores and blogs, have been dedicated to giving people like you insight and opportunity into the savings community. The Pharmacy Exchange allows you to utilize and manufacture  those resources into a legitimate source of income. So why let others reap the rewards that you could be making?

Whether you have past experience with coupons or no experience at all, The Pharmacy Exchange will give you the the tools you need to turn your free time into extra money. It’s as simple as 3 easy steps: shop the sale, agree on a price and ship to our warehouse, then you receive payment 24-48hrs after arrival.

No listing, flee market or Paypal fees- just profit. Contact us for more details on how to start earning today!